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    Default Should I talk to her mother?

    Okay, I've been talking to this girl since April and at the time she had a boyfriend, things happened with us, long story short we both agreed to back off and stopped hanging out outside of work. I waited my time and knew he was going to eventually break her heart and he did.

    Since then we've went out as friends and things have happened between us again, and while she's not ready to commit and I understand that she's going to the beach with myself and friends from work this weekend.

    She's 18 and works with me, her mom also works with me along with everybody else that's going to the beach with us. She has no issues with the two of us hanging out, and lately I've been over after work and will bring a movie over, mind you I get off at 11 PM, her mom just says okay and goes to bed, she has no issue with it at all as long as I'm not there when she gets up.

    Face to face her mom is perfectly fine with everything including the beach, but behind my back she's paranoid and worrying about every little thing, yet hides it from me.

    Should I go up to her and just try and talk to her about it and settle things? Or should I just let her worry and go on to the beach and do what I wish while she panics behind our back?

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    Default Re: Should I talk to her mother?

    She is a mother, she will always want what is best for her daughter. I suggest keep doing what your doing with her daughter. And when her mother is around, just be a gentleman. Let her mother know, that when her daughter is with you, that her daughter is in a safe place. It wouldn't hurt to chat with her mom once in awhile, nothing heavy, just find some common interests and discuss those, movies, books, travel, etc. Keep it short and build rapoire with her mom. Should go fine from there.

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