so tonight me and my friends and a few other people are going out to my best friends girls birthday thing, were probably doing a few drinks before we go to the city and hit a whole bunch of bars and maybe a club or two

since this is my friends girl birthday thing shes bringing alot of her friends which two of them supposedly have some interest in me, one i know of through word of mouth the other i've actually talked to a bit before and got some big IOI's

basically its been awhile since i've run game and to be honest i've never attempted any pick up ( i have situational before but never really coming up to girls, i have some bad AA)

basically im looking for advice to help with this girl's friends who im going with tonight, don't know them too well but kind of at little bit better then acquaintance level, and also general club/bar pick up

basically just any advice for tonight would be appreciated haha, i could also use some style advice.....ugh are fo-hawks still cool/in me and the group im going with are in our early 20's and ive been advised to do it before but still im hesitant

also i know one of my biggest problems is actually building attraction as well as general shyness and AA at times, really depends on my mood/state

once again i thank you for looking at my post and appreciate any help anybody is willing to give me, please