Hey fellas, I need some hard advice right now. Im in my first year of college living on residence and its been going great, I used to have social anxiety and be pretty intimidated by girls, but since I got to college I have made a lot of friends and everybody knows me, I've never had this happen before, random girls smiling at me and saying hi, random guys greeting me by my name even tho I don't know them. Its been great im really confident in my self. However, it feels like a lot of girls are intimidated by me and kind of quiet around me, they always stare at me and smile, laugh at everything i say, but when i try to have a conversation with me it seems like they're kind of quiet, to be honest I'm looking to get laid, but primarily I want a solid girlfriend. I've been trying to get girls to come to me and not the other way around. I think girls are attracted to me, but after that I don't know what to do. Another thing is im kind of known as the "party animal" around school, I would like to tone it down because I legitimately think I am an alcoholic, I definitely want to stop drinking, because I dont feel the need to drink to make myself more confident anymore. And once i start drinking I can't stop. But this is a personal problem I will deal with myself. I need help with the stages after attraction, especially in college where you see the people everyday so you can't full out game girls. Another thing is a lot of the girls im attracted to are HB8-10's who usually have boyfriends, one girl in particular who seems pretty attracted to me as well, but we never really connect, I always make conversation and she seems kind of quiet, but around other people she isn't really. If you guys could give me your opinion that'd be a big help. Sometimes it feels like I'm starting to lose my confidence when girls don't respond to me