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    Default how to get on a date with this girl?

    Ok some info about me:
    19 y old
    Never had a long lasting relationship (been with some girls tho)
    Def consider my looks attractive, but i look younger than my age.

    21 y old
    Attractive, not stunning. Not that popular either.
    From another country (so we communicate in english). Her english isnt that good though.

    From what I noticed she seems to be quite attracted to me (keeps looking at me, then quickly looks away when i notice). Also the other day we had a conversation, she kept asking me about all sorts of personal stuff - religion, ho bies, sports, family, background. Now I wasnt that much into her, until SHE bascially gave a huge hint to ask her for her number. So I did and she gladly gave it to me.

    I texted her earlier about school on whatsapp, in a bit of a confident/joking way. She responded really enthusiastically (hii "my name"!! ). I was planning to ask her how her day was right after her response, but after that response she immediately said "so Yeah, Goodbye ". ON WHATSAPP?! Don't really know how to see this as a response? Maybe she doesnt really know how whatsapp works - since shes from a poorer country - and thinks its more like FB?

    Was she upset about me waiting a day untill i texted, busy, testing me? I'd find it strange if shed be bored/not interested since she was the one that was so obviously interested in me yesterday..

    So what should I do Now? Apart from the texting conversation, would it in general be a good plan to start something with this girl? Is she too old? And what if she moves back to her own country again...

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    Default Re: how to get on a date with this girl?

    Woah, slow down here big cat, your looking way to far into this one. So many questions, too little relevance. Your game is going to be sh1t with that mind set. Detach some.

    If she is giving you her number without you having to ask for it, you already have your foot in the door. If it was me, I wouldn't beat around the bush on this one. Fark texting, fark FB, and fark whatever WHATSAPP is. Just call the girl. Sh1t gets way to complicated with all the social media. Her interest level should be high enough already, that a phone call would do well. And if she is from a poorer country, a good ol' fashion jingle is probably right up her alley. You can start with the usual small talk BS and then just suggest something fun to do together. If she is as interested as you make her sound, there shouldn't be a ton of resistance.

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