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    Default Any way to shag her friend?

    So after being in a long term relationship for a number years I'm back on the market.

    I've been starting off a little easier to help build up my comfort level. And been meeting women mainly in the Salsa scene and online. And eventually will work my way up to the clubs again once I get my game up a little bit.

    Thing about Salsa scene is that its's great that their is always an opener. Especially if your a decent dancer. Bad thing is a bit of a community here in Toronto. So women a woman's social status is a little more important in this environment. Where she would try to protect her reputation or keep it under the hood to not seem like a slut. And look like she is getting picked up.

    So their this girl I met whom I am pretty sure she likes me. As she seems always giving me lots of IOI's (Laughing at my jokes, always touching me or walking across the room to specially talk to me). For the most part I play it cool and just tease her a little and act like its no big deal.

    She's not bad looking (Maybe about a 6) and has some nice features. And if it was someone I just met a bar I would probably hook up with her just to keep practice going. But its really her friend I'm interested in who is a solid 8.5 / 9. But at the same time in the Salsa scene it works the other way around for guys too that people know who's dating who. So I don't want to burn out my reputation too fast becoming known as a Man whore. Especially if she is only a 6.

    They've been friends for about 7 years. I also neg and tease her friend and she does give some IOI's as well. Not as much though. And I think she might be clued onto the fact her friend likes me.

    Any way around this? I much rather shag the friend. But hey if not I'll go for the low hanging fruit to keep up the practice.

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    Default Re: Any way to shag her friend?

    Be friend both of them. amplify interest on both of them.know you wont come off too strong.

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