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    Default What's the right thing to do when a woman suddenly goes "cold"

    So I hooked up with this girl that I knew for a number years. Have a big twitter following and met there and we met up a couple times. Weren't really officially "friends" as in the friend zone. But just kept in touch as I was in a long term relationship at the time.

    After getting out that long term relationship we hooked up a few times and fooled around. She's allot younger than me (Only 19). Pretty fun girl and pretty cute (An 8). But not looking for anything long term and enjoying the ride.

    So when she started school again following the summer she suddenly went cold on me. I asked her out one day and she seemed to me like she was dodging and her schedule was all of sudden too busy. So I left it at that and tried to not ask again. To me I perhaps didn't raise her interest level high enough. As if a woman is interested enough she would counter offer. About a week and half goes by and she sends me a messaging via text saying She misses me and wants to see me. Just going through some "complications" holding her back. I give a short "No worries" answer and then she seemed pissed off saying "That's all you have to say". At that point I kind of already thought she was blowing me off and when she sent me that text anyways I was pretty much on my way to hopping in bed with a woman I met online. And I figured it was going south anyways.

    Anyhow at the 3 week mark of having last saw her I finally ask her what the deal is, are we supposed to be seeing each other or not? And I'm fine if were not just to be clear on that. Again she gives me a mixed message saying how she has feelings for me but work and school been holding her back. At this point I'm basically like, your beating around the bush and I don't go on anyones waiting list, so have a nice life.

    Admittedly this whole process wasn't the smoothest show of game. (I'm still a student and a young Jedi). And I'm not crying over spilt milk. Just trying to learn and improve my game for next time. Anything I could have done differently.

    Couple things to note

    1) We hadn't officially had sex (In regards to penetration). But did everything else including lots of Oral sex. Timing wasn't right and last time I saw her she was on the rag. However, she say she wants to have sex with me the next time she sees me. My feeling is part of her anticipation is having a bit of buyers remorse to agreeing to that. And feeling pressured she would give herself into more attachment and emotions if we did the full thing. Since for women its harder to detached themselves after that.

    2) Obviously she 19. So with that I have to remember women at that age can be friggin flakey

    3) I would figure its pretty simple if a woman has a high enough interest level she would make it happen and meet up? I figure its usually that simple and women make it more complicated than it is (Unless their some reservations like in Item #1). Regardless what we got going on. I mean for myself I have senior level position at a public company and make a six figure salary. And can work some pretty long hours at times. But heck I would always make time to get laid.

    Thoughts, Advice, Tips?

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    Default Re: What's the right thing to do when a woman suddenly goes "cold"

    Thinks all you want is sex, next time you may take it all the way. invite her out her interest first via attraction then go for the meetup.they you may take it from there.

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