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Did she have her d1ck removed too? A lot of male to female transsexuals go through many procedures
Um, she isn't a transsexual, she's a woman. My question had nothing to do with dating a male to female transsexual.

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Whatever you do, just don't end up making babies with her. You wouldn't want your children to look surprisingly unappealing to the eye.
One of the surgeries on the list in my first post was a full and total hysterectomy (which she had due to the breast cancer gene) Therefore she isn't able to get pregnant or have biological children.

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What's wrong with dating her? Unless you're a sucker for "natural beauty" then I don't see the problem here.
I am a sucker for natural beauty lol. One of the things I found attractive about her was how she doesn't wear makeup. She wasn't afraid to wear jeans and a t-shirt and play with the kids in the sandbox, and while she did dress up for our date she didn't overdo it like girls at the club do, for example. Now that I found out her beauty was bought it doesn't feel the same. Though when she showed me the "before" picture my first (honest) thought was that I wouldn't sleep with her using someone else's d1ck, she was that bad.

(Btw, thank-you to everyone who actually read my post and gave a serious, relevant reply)