For a lot of you it might seem obvious regarding what it means to be a man. But I think many simplify it, and I feel that there are a lot of men that really need to find their true masculinity.
I myself have struggled with the question for a very long time, and I have not yet found a good answer. I know that this is a pick up forum, but its not just the outer game that is important in pick up. Inner game is at least as important as outer game.
I have seen some very bad characteristics of being a man, and it all started with my father.

When I was three years old I saw how my father was punching my mother in the face (he had been a boxer) and I could see the blood streaming down. I was in my room, and I grabbed a plastic Indian knife and ran off into the kitchen to try to save my mother from my fathers wrath. I yelled and screamed to try to stop him, and after a while he thankfully did. But the injuries were already very bad and my mothers head was swollen like a big balloon. My father had been drinking a lot of alcohol and had been smoking dope at that moment.

After that incident my mother thought that it was a one time thing, and she wanted him to live with us longer as he was my father after all. That did not work out very well, and the next 2 years were filled with physical and mental abuse where I had to run after my mother all the time to see that she wasn't hurt. A small child has no power over a full-grown man.. We managed to escape though after the 2 years, and we moved to another city. From then on my mother had to wear two hats. She had to be both the father and the mother. We never talked about sex, relationships, women or anything close to it. She forbade me to watch action movies.

I never really got a good role model on how to be a man. I have listened some to David Shade, David Deangelo, Carlos Xuma and some other guys. I have come to understand that the most important relationship that you have (part from the one that you have to yourself) is your relationship to your parents. To be a man have meant to be a provider, a protector and a leader. The handyman. As society is changing, I believe that we must change also. Much of what has been said about men have been connected to the past. What is prevalent today? What is the essence of the divine masculine energy? What does it really mean to be a real mature man?

I would really appreciate if you could shed light on this.