It's not often that I need help as my Texting Game, My Approaches, and my Day 2's are getting down pat. While my Inner Game is good in Set I am having trouble in my own personal Overall Game. I am in a bit of a bind here and need some guidance. Like I said starting up again next June I think approaching again.

However I have one small problem. My Inner Game is acting up again. Not Inner Game in Set but Inner Game for my Overall Game (Concept to be further discussed in Part 3 of Project Iceshield).

So I am sitting here going, what do I do? You know my story but let me rehash it really quick as I am clueless what to do and getting good with getting girls. Living with my Mom, can't bring girls home till I get my own place for a while. No problem will have hotels or stuff at her place. Strapped till I buy more Video Games but should have funds come June to go out no problem. However here is my problem.

Where on Earth do I go from here?

Have a 09' Blue Corolla. Not bad but I hate it not a chick magnet whatsoever, not my dream car at all by far. Look up 2014 Ford Taurus. BAM, SMOKING. Chick magnet written all over it. Only problem? 25 Grand. So I will have my car loan paid for in 3 more years and be out of debt due to saving, OT, garnishments, and no rent. However come 3 years I will have to stay longer to save for that Car 3-4 more years and have it paid for by 2018/2019. I could move out in 3 years from now however if I buy a car on a loan I will be breaking even every month with $200-300 to spare spending budget and that is not going to cut it. But if I wait 3 more years and save and buy the car cash I will have $500-800 a month spending budget and could date unrestricted and go out unlimited if I so desired.

So here's my question cuz my Inner Game is struggling due to this. This will strap me for 6 more years at My Mom's and I feel if I hit it back up in 2014 with the girls and the game I would have no potential for any LTR. I feel I should wait till 2019 to do game because I know now an LTR with a girl in a big city won't happen if I am 50 miles away because if we get hitched where will she work when she moves in with me? It would be far better if I waited because I feel bad purposely going out knowing there is no future and no potential with these broads till I have my own place in 6 years. I want to wait but am I overthinking it?

Like I said this is what I described how Outer Game can hurt your Inner Game. This is what I mean because my heart is torn and I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Also I realized I HAVE to move to the big city in 6 years when I move out and have my new car because I need to go where the girls are and all the girls I keep picking up are over there. Better if we got hitched not to infringe by making them quit their job since we would both feasibly be in the same area so it would be an easy fix. However settling down with a chick from the big city while I am an hour away is a bad idea I think. So I think going where they are is the only solution for getting in an LTR from a broad there since I always go there to run game because that's where the Bars, Clubs, Water Parks, Amusement Parks, Parades, etc all are. So what should I do should I wait? If I don't wait then am I just a bad person for leading chicks on when I know it won't go anywhere and I will have to dump them eventually?