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is that really what you want? why would you constantly make so many posts to yourself if you didn't want something more.
Wow, reading thread I started years later makes me shake my head.

Here's the back-drop and what ended up happening.

At the time I was living with my parents (I'm 28, was 26 at time). I had self-esteem issues cause of that.

I was absolutely in love with this girl crazy one-i-tis. Over the years we stopped talking to each other like 5 times for periods of about 3-4 months each. It's like she kept checking up on me. Everytime the same shit would happen.

We'd meetup, catch up, but my dumb ass would talk about feelings instead of just make a move. Or basically I'd tell her I'm done with this cause I'm not getting my needs met.

Then, after she reads on my facebook that I got the job I spent years and years building up a portfolio to get, she texts me saying she "honestly misses me and wants to see me." At this point, I realized that this wasn't the time for this shit, my mind was focused on my career and the crucial start of new job.

I met up with her over dinner, celebrated cause I was in ecstasy when I landed this job. I knew I was within a month away from finally moving out and living on my own. I told her that this friends thing wont work and she knows it. I forgot what she said all I remember was I kept ignoring what she said and would look into her eyes saying there are pretty. Next day she messages me saying she was very surprised and that I finally stand up for myself and she could tell girls find that very attractive but that she doubts she can ever view me more then a friend.

She sent me this text when I was at work and I read it a couple hours before a VERY huge meeting.

I went into self-defense mode, called her a slut that fucks guys left and right and uses me for emotional support, called her all sorts of nasty names and told her never to contact me again.

A month later I finally moved out. This was half a year ago and I havn't talked to her since, and wouldn't.

On one hand, she made me become a better man. On the other hand, once I became the better man, I couldn't put up with any of her shit any longer.

Now-a-days I have "must hookup within 7 hours of hanging out" hard-limit to prevent myself from being friendzoned.