So as I mentioned I already achieved my goals of getting a GF and going out on dates. So next year I am not going to be sitting here going "Get a GF, get a GF". Call me crazy and color me silly but I am going to find me a sugar momma. The last girl I dated was making 3 times what I make $35 an hour and I still ended up falling into the Nice Guy frame of paying for everything. Now though I will be switching out of that and be looking for me a Sugar Momma who pays my bills and buys me stuff. I think thsi would be a good goal to have for next year since girls are more successful than some guys these days.

Not only that but I am not ready to settle down till I accomplish some goals and this would be a good goal as I am pretty strapped in debt and all so this would be a good purpose for dating on her taking me out and taking me in but I won't live with a broad yet since I love living with my Mom. I will be hard to tie down for a while but this is going to be a great vision for game next year.

Basically I watched a video on youtube on Outer Game and they said a "Mack" was a guy that gets girls to pay his bills and take him out while a Pimp is different and not the same thing. So yeah I am working on becoming a "Mack" and when I am ready to settle down I will be focusing more on chivalry and taking them out too woo them and get a wife but for now let the games begin. This will be a super good frame. The Journey continues next June. So give me some feedback on how I can go about this or accomplish this goal.