There's a little background why am I asking this. Altough I got pretty good social and communicating skills, I always feel kind of embarrassed about talking in more flirty way with a girl. I've never really picked women, the one I had something with actually picked me. But something has changed recently. I'm more confident and it seems like girls find me more attractive (it's not just my guess) So... I started to talk to a girl at university I quite like, but she always seems out of league for me. Hot and much, much more experienced and that kind of intimidated me. However hey, few words, few texts, some kino... I think I got her on the hook (it's actually funny, how much easier now the whole thing looks when you lift up that first mental block (more to go )). The thing is, she is out of city right for a week, so I'm just keeping that right level of her interest. Well... is pretty sure next week we're gonna hook up at her place. And finally for the question. What about the girl's expectations? How much is that whole thing mental?You guys, like a pua artist usually go for that target's arousement, have you ever get into situation where girl felt dissapointed... like expecting more in a a bed from someone who's so capable of getting her to that bed?