I met this girl who attends the same college campus as me a few weeks ago. We are also doing the same course and are in the same class. We had known each other from around 5 years ago when we attended the same high school. Back in High School we had feelings for me, however, it didn't work out due to me starting to date another girl. Anyway, as soon as we noticed me she immediately started sending IOI's my way, (making eye contact then smiling and looking away quickly etc, whenever the lecturer said/did anything funny she would instantly look at me and we'd both laugh etc), so I decided to go and strike up a conversation with her.

During the conversation she gave me even more IOI's, (open body language, feet pointed in my direction, laughing at my jokes even when they weren't funny, asked me if I had any plans for the weekend, (I was busy all weekend so I couldn't do anything with her), doing things for me such as: helping me with my coursework, taking care of my coursework and lending me her umbrella when it was raining outside). She brought up her Ex BF and said he had invited her and a group of friends out for his birthday even though for they hadn't spoke for months and that she had a dilemma as she couldn't decide whether to go or not, as she wants to go for her friends but not for him. She also said he was immature as he asked if she would mind if he got with any of her friends in front of her. I made sure to move on from this topic quickly. We spoke for around 4 hours straight. She left me with her handbag and phone to look after when she had to go to the restroom. However, in person she has only initiated conversation with me once, but she is always receptive when I do speak to her and always gives me hints that she wants to talk.

After a couple of chats I decided to number close. I then texted her on the Monday, we spoke for a while then I asked what she was doing on Thursday. She said "A friend and I are going out, why do you ask?" to which I replied, "Oh well, I was gonna go show you a good time, but hey, your loss). She then replied, "Awwwww I'm busy, but hey are you free for a chat at college tomorrow" (She was genuinely busy). So the next day comes and she texts me asking saying she's "borrrrreddddd" and that she wants me to come and have a chat with her. I declined as I was already with some friends. We then had a flirty conversation about how I'm expecting a birthday present as it's my birthday next Wednesday and she said "Well I wouldn't expect anything if I was you What are you doing to celebrate?" I told her that me and a group of friends were probably going to hit the clubs and she completely ignored that text and never replied.

The next day comes and in class she is still giving me IOI's. However, she started posting statuses on Facebook saying, "Things were so different this time last year. It's weird" (She was with her BF this time last year and it is his birthday tomorrow). She then followed that status with, "Feeling sorry for myself. I need a nurse and I need a cuddle".

This is not one-itis as I have a few other women interested in me that I enjoy spending time with and speaking to so I would have no problem dropping this girl and moving on if she is messing me around. It's just that if I had the choice I would prefer to date her. She is a HB8-9. Whats the deal with this girl? Where do I stand with this girl and what do you think I should do? Thanks for any replies/help/advice.