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    Default Progression Issues - How to keep it flowing

    Noticed new girl at cross-fit gym who introduced herself, always looking my way and having occasional small talk over the past month. I just ended relationship last week and my workout pal noticed her too telling me I should ask her out. I have no game, fairly ok on approach, just no good at next steps.

    So approached her Tues, talked for 5 mins and got number. She was very receptive told me her age, divorced, no kids, was available, etc.. So we txt a few times over Tues and Wed but fairly boring. Having difficulty progressing the conversation into fun and innuendo's.

    • I'm 42 and she is 29. She never asked my age so i haven't told her yet thinking it may be an issue.
    • I end up sending the last message each night (have had this with other girls)
    • Should i just ask her out and go from there.

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    Default Re: Progression Issues - How to keep it flowing

    I recommend you ask her out its clear she's into you she just wants to be lead if Im reading the situation correctly. Try saying something along the lines of "hey, I think its time we take this relationship to the next level, ice cream?" Its clever, not too much and not too little. I had a similar problem just recently were the conversations through text got dull quick so i'd shoot her random puns and funny text here and there to keep her interested, then finally I dropped that one on her then next day we were out having a blast. Try it on, and try to get out of the traditional text convos, visit one of the text game threads there's some good stuff there.
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