Hi guys !
I have been seeing this girl for abt 4 months now n we have become pretty close n exclusive. She is smart n intelligent. I actually have 2 questions. They may be pretty easy but I'd still like some advice coz I'm just starting out.

1) A couple of days ago while sitting in a restaurant she said "We don't go out much. U never have time." Although there was no drama she said it in a complaining way. I was able to handle it that time but I want to know if a girl is implying that I am at fault what should I do ? I can
a) ignore whatever she is saying n maintain my position without saying much. (Does this make her feel unappreciated ?)
b) pay attention to what she is saying n try to fix the situation. (But I feel that the mere act of me acknowledging the problem kinda puts me in the defensive n lowers my value.)
What shud I do in the future ??

2) A couple of weeks ago she told me that in the past she was involved with a guy who was engaged to some other girl but there is nothing between them now. Although they occasionally text each other just to stay in touch. This made me furious. I can understand that she did not tell me this upfront coz obvously we haven't been together for too long but the fact that this guy was engaged to someone else was the dirty part. I want to make it clear that she will have to win back my trust. What shud I do? Shud I ask for proofs that she has deleted him or what? I think this is extremely beta.

Please let me know your thoughts on these 2 questions.