Ok, I'm currently thinking about creating some jealousy. There is this girl that I've been interested in, in case you what to know the details to what happened here's the link (http://www.puaforums.com/how-text-gi...need-help.html) and I'm thinking about asking my friend whose a HB8 (my HB8 friend says shes down)to pretend to flirt with me in front of this other girl that I'm interested in.

So my question is if this seems like a bad or good idea. Does this actually work? Any advice to do this? Has anyone done something like this and if they have, how did it go? What should I avoid? How should I plan this? Should I hold hands with my HB8 friend or just have her arm crossed around my arm? Should we call each other 'babe' or some other term? Please any help would be truly appreciated.