I just got back to college after quitting my job (was not getting enough money for the work). I'm in a class of only 10 girls and 5 guys (me included). Obviously, I like one of them (or else I wouldn't be here asking lol). she's like an HB 8 with little to no makeup.

Now, to the 'problemS'..

1) she has a boyfriend
2) it's been an LTR (2 years or so I think)
3) from the few pics i've seen of him (did my research), he's kinda 6ft tall, grooms himself i think and has an athletic body
4) I've been out the game for months and really never was good at day game and never did college game anyways

Now, to some positives (DHVs):

1) im also 6ft tall, wide shoulders, muscular
2) in class i'm referenced to by the teachers a lot, like when they wanna say a story to explain something, they would mention me in it - centre of attention sort of.. (kind of social proof i guess)
3) i was the only confident guy in class (alpha)
4) i answered most questions and sh!t in class (intelligence is a good thing)
5) im not considered the 'clown' or 'joker' of the class (that would be DLV) but I do make people laugh sometimes
6) she mentioned she would want to go out as a whole class in a club or something
7) the other 4 guys, immediately added all the girls on FB but i added no1, to show that im not needy and waited for the requests from them instead (haven't added her yet) - but i ain't competing against them..

Now before you judge me, i never did any BF destroyer stuff but this girl is different and i wanna fark the shit outta her

So the problem with most BF Destroyer technqiues is that you wanna put her Boyfriend on a Pedestal he can never reach, so she starts saying 'bad' things about him sort of. something like "i guess your BF is the perfect guy, wide shoulders, a good sense of style, grooming etc, well you know like he's been cut from the cover of a magazine... and probably also brings you the occasional gifts just because he felt it would be nice..." and it goes on and on

but if i use that one up there, i will make her want him more since he really has the kinda model look.. (from few photos)

Im blanked and dunno how i should deal with this.. i know it won't be easy, but i won't be leaving no stones unturned, and if it doesn't work well f@k it!

thoughts? ideas?