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    Default Blonde. Hyperactive. Cute. Please help me out!

    Girl : we'll call her Joy. HB7, blonde, hot, hyperactive (takes medication for it and that make her feel a bit insecure because she has a twin who is better than her at everything).

    I have been regularly texting/faceboochatting with this girl for a long time now (she is the twin of a friend (girl)), we've seen each other and have spoken before, and we've known each other for a long time.

    The last time I tried to set up a date, she flaked, and I don't think that was the first time. She's actually kinda shy (inside, she doesn't act like a shy girl, she's very talkative and she goes on crazy rants) and self conscious, and I don't think she was able to handle the 1 on 1 pressure. It was maybe out of disinterest, although after that we flirted and spoke about sex on the phone, and through text, and I managed to steer the text convo in a way that she told me everything that turned her on the most, sexually.

    We also had an intense phone convo during which she told me about her emotional issues and bad experiences with sex (drunken toilet sex which she felt dirty about afterwards). I realized shortly after that I being sucked into the friendzone, and that I had to relentlessly flirt and SIO (statement of intent) to escape this emasculating zone.

    I am going to have lunch with her Monday, and when she told me "ok but not sure because I have some project", I told her not to cancel the last minute, and waste my time, because usually I schedule lunches with other people ("otherwise I will spank you"). She answered "yes master" in a joky way. There is a high possibility she will flake, although she always keeps coming back for a virtual connection - text, phone, chat, and I always flirt with her.

    Anyways let's get to the point : she is emotionally very jumpy, and very sensitive - she is extremely receptive and affected by comments about her (last time a guy said there was "something weird with her face", she was completely destroyed). She likes to fish for compliments...I have a hunch that this is VERY HIGHLY exploitable for gaming her.

    Can you guys please give me insight on how to game a girl like this? I'm sure I can get a kiss close the next time I see her - she is so receptive, I need some routines I can run on her, along with a k-close ?

    Thank you in advance for your time and your answers !

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    Default Re: Blonde. Hyperactive. Cute. Please help me out!

    Personally you wont need routines per say to kiss a girl if theres attraction present.must be comfortable with yourself whilst leading.

    Whilst engaging her hold her hand or walk arm in arm.if she goes with that she may go with it.
    Next find a sitting location or a place to engage in that and then move in.make sure you transition smoothly.
    The first kiss could be one lip lock, a few head turns whilst.. and 'massaging' each others lips for a bit.then pull. This should be pertainent if you going for that in public
    On meetups avoid lunch,too formal initially instead a walk or a bar should suffice


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