well friends,

today was the first day back gaming. It has been too long and I definitely needed to break the rust from my routine. I was stumbling and studdering through my openers. I had a few in mind before I went out, but when I was in the field, I only used two at the most. Being on your own, especially coming back for the first time in a long time, is a little nerve racking. The few sets I did open up, I wasn't good at isolating, and really creating that attraction. I used the number guessing routine, which worked 3 our of 5 times. So it does work a majority of the time, but what happens if you get it wrong twice? Im not too sure what is going on today, but there were a lot of feisty women out. One actually wanted to "have some words with me" because I used and neg of her friend being "throw-up-to-the-ceiling-size." Sometimes I hate people. I know I shut her down when I forcefully told her that she was in my realm and needed to get out. Seems like some man-eaters don't like being told to shush and go back to their car seat. Other sets went a little more smoothly and I was able to do my openers, and build some kino, but it didn't escalate in the way I wanted to. I'm not one to call it quits on the first time out and a couple botched sets and a randy drunk girl. Hopefully you guys can provide some words of wisdom and help me put some WD-40 on my PUA joints.