Hello, Ive found these threads after stumbling upon the different types of women.

I met this girl in school. She is beautiful, reserved and genuinely a great girl. I already knew she was the hopeful romantic type, so I showed interest and maybe too much interest. I didn't blow up her phone, but I did ask her to hang out the first day we met and she says "yea maybe." I could tell she had interest, but wasn't going to commit completely for some unknown reason. So, as time went on and we seen each other in class she asked for my help to do work, I got her number and we talked over a weekend getting to know each other. When we met again, she tells me she has a boyfriend and shes been trying to break up with him, but he wont let her and gets very mad(verbally) when she broaches the subject. So, we ended up going out had a great time and I didn't try to interfere with her relationship. I think she kinda expected me to to hug or kiss her during that time, but I restrained myself. Anyway, more time goes by and I pushed to see each other again outside of class. Initially, she didn't say no, but I could sense she wasn't gung ho about it. Finally, she tells me she cant and we are just good friends.
I, still, think she is interested in me. She already told me she liked before, but she had a lot going on with the bf situation. I feel like we have an emotional connection, as she wants someone mature and serious. Im almost mid twenties and she is still a teenager and her bf is younger than her. His immaturity irritates her and her family.
Since, her telling me we cant hangout, I haven't pressed her and we still see each other and talk at school and on occasion via text.
I really don't want to miss an opportunity to be with this girl and I don't want to wait for her to finally dismiss a guy shes already wanted to be rid of.
Should I just play it cool, talk to her friendly or hit on her subtly, while trying to get her to go out with me again? Personally, I think the ladder, but I know I shouldn't be too obvious or be trying to hard, because, however much she may not like what she has going on she feels connected and must remain loyal.
Thank you if you took the time to read this, but I felt I needed to provide background as to what ive already messed up.