Hey fellow pua experts

So the scenario is, I'm meeting up with an hb 8 this Saturday. Now I'm fairly confident, that'll ill be able establish a good conversation, etc with her. The part I think I screw up on first dates or make them awkward thereafter, is the introduction.

Previous experiences I've meet up with some girls, I'm punctual an all that.
But when it comes to the approach, either do I give her a hug( stage 5), a hand shake ( I know that's part of early stages of kino, but I'm unsure whether its the right approach, even if I lightly touch her elbow with my other hand) . And the only other option I'm aware of is 'not do anything at all' which I'm sure, won' work anyway and is a bad idea.
So any other options or advice would be helpful

One scenario, where I'm pretty sure I made things awkward. This girl I meet, we texted backwards an forwards, flirting an teasing etc. Now I was aware she was a reasonably shy girl, but some reason. When we met I gave her hug, it was one of the most awkward hugs I've ever experienced( at this stage I wasn't aware or have knowledge of the dicarlo ladder). And after that led to a very awkward date.
Somehow managed a second date, but this time I didn't do anything, just opened.
An we talked, no problem. But it lacked something, an wasn't sure about initiating kino after what happened the first time( still my knowledge of dicarlo ladder was non existent)
So I feel the hug completely screwed things up, which has led me to doubt about my approach to other potential first dates, so I don't screw it up before its even started