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    Default Not sure how to handle this situation

    Just curious what I should have done, or what I should do in the future, when something similar to this happens. I was at a bar and I saw a group of 5 or 6 girls with one guy. I didn't know who was part of the group because the girls would be all over the place in the bar and then they would go over to the guy randomly and talk then disappear somewhere in the bar. So I opened when it was him and 2 girls, HB8 and HB7.5 I'd say. Everything went pretty well, I chatted it up, kino'd and then I separated the HB8 and was doing great with her when one of the girls in the group HB9 came up and said they were leaving. The HB8 looked at me and said, "but his beer is still almost full" so I knew I was in, but then the HB9 stayed and started a convo with the HB8, moving to the otherside of the HB8 so that she would have to turn her back to me. After a minute I felt I really needed to get back in the convo so I tried to make conversation with them which the HB8 was all about, but the HB9 was straight ignoring me and changing the subject as soon as I talked. Long story short, I was sitting there without much success with the convo and wasn't sure how to get back control of the set so I decided to just get the N-close and move on.

    Was the HB9 cockblocking me or should I have DHV'd with her and tried to break through? At the time, I was unsure how to handle it so I did the best I could but I feel like I probably could have gone alot further. What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: Not sure how to handle this situation

    Yeah, it is a pretty fucked up situation - dealing with a cockblock is tough sometimes. If one of the target's friends arrive, you should devote some time to him/her, or she/he will definitely cockblock you. You are talking about an HB9, so I think I would neg her a bit, or try some kind of playful game/routine. Like an ESP routine, or the "You know that 96% of girls masturbates under the shover?". Something just to break the ice - and after that, just a normal convo and lock in with the target.
    In my last sarging, I was in a similar situation. Things went great with the chick, when one of her friends came to us . You know, a pretty ugly, but kinda frustrated one, who get mad just because guys hit on her friends, but not on her. I tried to talk to her as well, because I knew she'd cockblock me - but she didn't react at all, just give me the dead look and started to pull away my target. Finally, I get her to play the "Wolfeyes game', you know, the who's gonna blink first game - my target appreciate a lot that got I didn't ignore her friend and started act like a referee lol - huge IOI. After that it was pretty smooth.

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    Default Re: Not sure how to handle this situation

    In my opinion, you have two options.

    1. Number close, then eject.
    The HB9 showed up during what seems to be a climax point for you and this HB8... perfect time to introduce yourself to the 9, then leave the 8 wanting more.

    2. Embrace the HB9's cockblock and open her with a neg.
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