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Thread: Older Woman

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    Default Re: Older Woman

    THANKS Alex.

    Ya I feel you here. So like its friday and i want to invite her somewhere, but like where? bar? classy or average?

    Also I was thinking of texting her something like:

    Me: Hey missy, just finished eating breakfast, hows your morning going?

    Then move in to tell her to meet me at bar xxx at 10:38

    Make it simple, since she's kinda older than me so not inclined to playing little games that I use on 20+

    What do you think?

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    Default Re: Older Woman

    I would suggest meeting her for a drink after work.

    Me: Hey missy, just finished eating breakfast, hows your morning going?
    Not bad, but kind of generic. Thing of it this way, what's her incentive to text back? It's cold as heck here in Pittsburgh, so I just sent this to 2 girls, "I must have forgotten how close to Antarctica PA is... pretty sure I just saw a penguin walk by!" I've used it before and it hasn't failed me yet. Go situational since you used a food the last time

    As far as her playing games, I don't know. I've never dated older women, but I'm flirted with plenty and they're still good at it haha.
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