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Thread: Gaming HB10, need help here boys

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    Default Re: Gaming HB10, need help here boys

    Sorry guys, I can't remember which one of you said it, but one of you said "treat it like any other pick up." Huge eye opener for me, and it pulled me right out of my worrisome funk. So I'll thank you all.

    I went with a simple "hi there" text opener today and she's been responding all day. This exchange went down and I tried for a meet up tonight, but am yet to hear back. BUT, I'm thinking I still played it well.

    Her: So are we actually going to go out?
    Me: Well I didn't plan on just textin ya for the next month
    Me: I only have the weeknights and weekends off and i can imagine your schedule is all over the place
    Her: Haha I figured I'd lost ya after this week! Damn! JK. (she wasn't) Well the inky time for work really truly is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. For now. But I also work during the day sometimes.
    Me: Haha nah, u seem too down to earth to at least not meet. plus your cute u can come over and watch one of these movies with me a lil later

    No response. I was hesitant about the last text, but I thought it might be time to show a little interest. Was it too much though...

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    Default Re: Gaming HB10, need help here boys

    I didn't read all the posts but I did say to treat it like any pick up. I assume others probably did too.

    I liked your texts, though I'm the furthest thing from an expert, I wouldn't have used the second emoticon. It may have been a LITTLE long but I also think you got across what you needed. If you don't hear back today I'll look up reengagement texts but DONT text again. I think it'll come across as needy.

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