Got a quick question for you. I have a lady that I have been after for a couple months. It has slowed down drastically. She moved to my area from hours away and knew no one but myself. We both had the hots(and I believe we both still do) for each other but she was still dating a guy back home but the relationship was on the rocks. I tried to be respectful of the relationship(due to if we worked out I could trust her) so I didn't make many moves. Never kissed or sex but the body language was and kind of still is there. We were texting and talking daily. We were going out multiple times a week too. The boyfriend has since moved closer and she is back on good terms with him. Since the move it has slowed down and we barely communicate anymore but the communicating that is going on like we are competing to make each other jealous and its like we are waiting on each other to communicate with each other. My Birthday was last week and she text me that she would love to buy me dinner and drinks. I had a date but all I told her was that Sorry I would but I am going to a concert tonight. She has contacted me a couple times since but today she made sure I knew she was going to a Hip Hop concert(through snapchat). Any advice on how to respond to this or any advice on my situation? I know I messed up by not being more aggressive in the beginning. Hopefully this makes sense.