Well guys I think I defs DHV with this girl that used to game but stopped gaming cus I had shit on my mind and I was failing. She seems to be more interested in me but I want to make sure with you guys. I was texted her for advice on a girl that is self harming (I'll know if you seen my other posts.)
So I texted her in the last period in class at 2:21pm:
If you see this wait for me outside your social class after school ended
And she replied at 3:43 (school ends at 3:30):I was writing a test, what do you need to tell me?
I didnt want to talk about this stuff over text so I replied immeditally :Never mind I think I got it sorted out
Then she replied with a "okay?" And I don't text her back because j had this other girl that I was talking to on the bus. Now I look back at it I think she somehow became more interested in me because she never would had replied to my last text before.

And Also this question is opinion based so I wanted to ask, I'm debating weather or not to game her anymore after i get my shit together because she's started cake facing and went from a HB9 to HB7.5, what do you guys think? I might just game her again because my friends they all think she's a rocket and if I win her I probably will get a shitload of respect.