Went to work today had everything set up in shop, today I was at the shop not over the road on service calls. Needed to pick up wire from a vendor, I was late leaving my house so I didn't stop for anything to drink throughout the day. So of my way back I went to the gas station to pick up a vitamin water to drink in morning and a soda for later in the day.

A decent hb7 seen there many times before rang up my items asked me how I was doing I said alright, she responded just alright? My reply was well it is a working day. Then she followed that up with but it is Friday.

I slide my card she asks credit or debit I classically responded it all spends the same

She then says I feel we have already had this conversation before in a tone of almost bewilderment and intense eye contact.

I replied possibly not knowing off hand if I did or not and wanting to get back to the shop I didn't think into it at that time.

At work entertaining myself as I continued my project I was breaking down my interactions from the last few times I was there. I remember she was there when a blonde hb8 was working and I used my line it all spends the same on her. I think that is where she thinks we had the conversation from because on that day she was tending to the register next to hb8.

As the timing of this issue, during the start of a big project at work today was starting, also being blind sided by unexpected conversation I am trying to determine if my mind is playing tricks on me she was just being polite or social, or was that her interest trying to spark conversation and possibly get my attention or qualify interest in me? Typically I do not have issues judging such things but for some reason I am lost on this one.

Any opinions, tough love, and or ideas are more than welcome, thanks for reading.