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    Default Girl does not speak common language with me

    I am in un-chartered territory, as I have been able to attract a girl who barely speaks English in a night club, and now I am looking for advice from someone who has had the experience to go on a date with someone who doesn't speak their language.

    When at the nightclub, there isn't much of need for talking so most of the game was body language DHV, kino escalation, confidence and non-neediness. But I am worried that I can't or shouldn't do a typical date like a restaurant, since this will "force us" to talk (which will be a challenge), and it will obviously be impossible to have the same kino levels as in the club for our firsts meeting.

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    Default Re: Girl does not speak common language with me

    Yikes that's an interesting one, but right you are about the dinner thing. Heck even if she only spoke English that could become awkward anyway. So, the advantage is lots of languages are Latin based that adds similarities is some words. However, syntax of each language makes it a pain to decipher because we are trained to use English syntax.

    The fun thing to do may be go to coffee shop and try communicating with her, or pick restaurant that is of her culture because someone there may help you bridge some of the gaps. The language barrier is tough but cultural barrier is tougher however demonstrating interest in understanding her will go far. However if you do that remember nonverbal communication will be working overtime.
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