there's this really good looking girl I've had on my radar for the better part of this year. She's been non-committal and I understand to some degree - she's divorced and has a kid.Finally last night she agrees to meet me at a bar. I'm meeting some mates and invite her along.

I arrive and my mates are there and with my best friend's gf is the last girl I slept with and I'm here oneitis. I didn't know she would be there. So I have a few drinks. The ex is friggin' crowding me out and the other girl hasn't arrived. The logistics here are fucked so I bounce.

Lo and behold I get a whatsapp from radar girl. I'm here where are u? I reply saying I've bounced and she should come to where I am now. She refuses and says if I want then I need to go back.

The girl has a strong reality so supplicating and going back was not a good idea. The only thing I could think of was to set an open loop. So I reply saying I need to ask you something. She obviously replies what and I don't respond at all.

This morning I send her the url to the van damme volvo ad which is incredible, and she replies you wanted to ask me something. I decide to reset the loop and say, I'll ask next time - better to do in person. She replies ok. So it looks as if the game is still on...