This girl was in the same sorority as my ex-girlfriend in college (both of us are 23 now). They are not really friends but she mentioned the 'girl code' thing. She even refused to give me her number (we were chatting on facebook) for a while, but we kept talking on facebook and I finally got the digits. She seems to be kind of warming to the idea, and the chemistry seems to be there but there are a couple road-blocks.

1. How do I get this 'girl code' thing out of the picture. Again -- they are not close friends, and I doubt they ever talk -- but I assume she is worried about what others think.
2. She keeps calling me out for flirting and being into her. IE -- Me- "I say you try out a line on me... See how it feels"(in reference to flirting) Her - "To reel you in? I think you're already floundering around in my boat." Now -- clearly she has been around the block, and can tell that I am flirting. What I am more concerned about is whether this is a sign that she isn't into me, that she wants reassurance that I am flirting, or she is just defensive for above and other reasons.

Please HELP!!