I've been hanging out a little with a girl who's been quite flakey. We've made out and been in bed together, but no full on sex. I've only managed to get her to a date once, but we see each other out and at parties and she came with me sometimes.. She flaked dates on me twice, but she keeps on writing me.

Yesterday I kinda lost it a little bit. She heard from her roommate that I was coming over to their place and she wrote me seeming happy. Then the plans changed, so I wrote something like: "I'm not coming over so now you can suggest that we do something instead". (yes, I know, extremely stupid.) and then I freaked out a bit over that and wrote: "No wait, forget it" (Even more stupid).

She answered: "Okey, why?" and straight after "I've got other plans tonight so I can't anyways."

And here is when I really lost it.. I wrote: "You seem to avoid seeing me, so that was kinda a bad idea. If you change you're mind, tell me. Otherwise I'm sure I'll see you out and about".

She replied that she didn't avoid seeing me at all, but that me suggesting that she should suggest something felt forced.

Can I do anything or did I completely f*** up now?