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    Question What to Say if She's Having a Date with Another Guy Ahead?


    I have a somehow tricky situation and it goes like this:

    Met a girl online on, caught her interest and things started smoothly. We were texting back and forth until now. Got her engaged and laughing but she wouldn't ask many personal questions, she would usually ask back on questions I asked her though.

    Taking conversation to another more sexual level went smooth as well. She told me how she had sex in the parking lot and stuff and how open she is and stuff.

    Somewhere in the beginning of the conversation she mentioned she actually wouldn't text me back initially, since she doesn't go for the "Ken" type of man. Obviously, I could get her interested anyway and I took the Ken and Barbie thing as a term to frequently throw in to tease her and I got her to flirt and laugh. Texting back and forth without her flaking out and suddenly disappearing followed and the game seemed "on".

    We then agreed to meet sometimes next week since she was fully booked this week. Today I hit her up asking what she's doing on Sunday evening and she said that she would have a date. I told her then she might have to cancel when she replied that this would be diffult since it was a real life person and she really liked that guy...

    Hardly being short for words, I wasn't really prepared for this. I threw back that nothing would come of us, then... And she replied that nothing would have come of Ken and Barbie either, following a smilie. I texted her that this was a great line at the wrong moment to which she replied with just "okay".

    It looks like I am trapped which frankly said, hardly happens to me, but it did now. I would love to get some expert input on what to do now in order to get her fully hooked. I was planning to text her again with something along "you are really smart girl but you risk ruining your best chances" or without complimenting "you risk ruining your chances".

    I gave her an uneasy moment in order to rethink her not so smart behavior mentioning other dates and stuff if talking to a potential date. Now I have to unease it again and sneak my way back into the conversation since she obviously doesn't care, according to her common bitchy behavior.

    What would you do? Thanks for your inputs!

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    Default Re: What to Say if She's Having a Date with Another Guy Ahead?

    Talk to other girls. Leave her for a bit. There's nothing you can gain if her schedule is booked for a while. Right now, the more messages you send will negatively affect your chances of seeing her. It comes off needy and validates her. She doesn't need to see you in person if you validate her over text.

    Sounds like she might be a hooker. There's lots of those girls on these apps.

    No personal questions over these meet up apps. Everything should be incredibly light and playful. GOing down a sexual thread is also not good. ASD will go off for any normal girl if she actually agrees to meet up with you. That is another reason I think she might be a hooker.

    PM me or start a new thread if you have questions about making things light and playful.
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