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Thread: Men we must talk! Get ahold of yourself

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    Default Men we must talk! Get ahold of yourself

    Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to touch bases on a few things here.

    Stay strong, and live your life for yourself, don't live it for anyone else, no matter how worth it she might seem, or how fated or destined or perfect it seems. No matter what she did to your mind don't let it affect you, dig deep find your balls and go crush it in life. Be STRONG and keep your head up and focus on yourself. People come and go, maybe she broke your heart or maybe you really wanted her and didn't get her, don't let it bring you down, you are a MAN, focus on yourself and women will come to you, focus on yourself and the girl you wanted so badly may even come crawling back to you! You are a man, be strong and LIVE life the way you want to, women are meant to tag along and play a supportive role in your life, not become your whole entire life! IF YOUR LIFE SUCKS, ONLY YOU CAN CHANGE IT! Be the best you can be and don't let anything bring you down, now go out there and own the world!

    Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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    Default Re: Men we must talk! Get ahold of yourself

    May be best to have women you truly want in your life..

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    Default Re: Men we must talk! Get ahold of yourself

    Yeah that's the problem with these chicks. It is getting really really bad online girls saying you got be buff, get tatts, take them to expensive dinners and have money, live in your own place, etc. It all amounts to girls and especially hot girls demanding to date buff guys, guys with tatts, essentially Prince Charming and Mr. Right. Girls ain't this bad in the real world but online they troll the ever living snot out of you and the super hot ones throw out every cliche in the book be buff, have tatts, have money to take her out, not live with Mom, be successful, and be funny, witty but oh hey don't forget they LOVE confidence. In the end I was so distraught by this I was going to wait till I was 35 to open another girl and 38 to getting serious to accomplish all these high demands as they don't happen overnight.

    But then I realized well...the oldest hot chick at a Club I approached was 43 so I figured that would be a good time to go out. As in Night Game but I will stick with Day Game after getting past my time but give up the Night Game around 42 or 43 yrs old especially because I met 37 yr olds, 42 yr olds, 43 yr olds, but never a 44 yr old. But I was thinking of waiting till 38 to go full blast but then I realized hey I only got till 42 and I'll never be young again so better to go at it full steam while I am not hardcore and wait patiently for the day that I am hardcore. Essentially I am 30 yrs old and was going to take off 5 years but starting next year I will be hitting it hard in the Water Park, Beer Festival, Bars, Clubs, Holiday Events, and Pool Parties but only for the duration of Summer. Then when I am more hardcore I will go out more like Spring towards 35-37 yrs old. That way I won't waste my time waiting. Essentially I didn't feel entitled like I should wait till I am ready like be Prince Charming and all that but then I realized I should just live life regardless and continue dating to empower myself to date, hookup, and have fun. I can't commit but divorce rate is @ 50% and 68% of most divorces are instigated by the female so women can't stay committed but men have a harder time committing so it's like we are on opposite sides. Also the chicks can take a hike if they don't like the way I am now since tons of chicks tried to hookup with me this year and by their online definition I am no Prince Charming with no tatts and hardly buff.

    But still to talk brass tax here I could just focus on having fun since most marriages end in failure I might as well enjoy the ride since each year I can steadily get better at approaching and steadily improve my Outer Game to get better and better. Essentially I may give up online game since it is such a chore till I got it going on then go back. But for now I am just going to do what works which is approaching, getting numbers, and dating. So yes I will be back at it next Summer and every Summer thereafter till something changes. But yes I have to own it, that's what this journey is about. I am not going to hold back now just cuz I ain't got it going on. I am just going to have to rock what I got and do my best to make it sound hot since I will never be in my 30's again so time to rock these bad girls out like a thug life attitude PUA (aka Alpha + Bad Boy+ Nice Guy edge). Thug is my new word for having a fearless attitude with the approach in the face of super fly HB's. Having a thug attitude means not being affected by it almost like a thug like indifferent. Going to try that on for size and be on next Summer to report.
    101 Sets, 30 #'s, 4 K-closes, 1 Date, 1 Bar Pull. My next adventure starts Summer 2014 at the Brewfest, Water Park, Bars, Clubs, etc. Getting Hotels now to prevent driving drunk so really only 2-3 times a month doing Night Game June-Oct. Lots of Day Game.

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