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    Default So I'm pretty sure this girl is into me but...

    Here's the situation. I'm a practicing amateur stand-up comedian. On a weekly basis I visit an open mic to practice my material.

    Recently a girl came up to me (completely unsolicited) and told me she really liked my material. Her exact words were "you made me laugh, and that's rare". We've also exchanged words and flirted lightly at karaoke night at the same bar and she seemed receptive.

    In literally any other scenario, I would take these as clear IOI's. But the problem is she works as a bartender at this bar. So I present to you the following questions.

    -How do I figure out whether this girl is legitimately interested in me, or is just looking for tips?
    -If she is legitimately interested, how do I calibrate to gaming a hired gun (something I've never done).
    -For a girl who works at a bar, is it appropriate to ask if she wants to grab drinks, despite the fact that's what she does for work?

    Cheers, 65Sly.

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    Default Re: So I'm pretty sure this girl is into me but...

    I suggest you get her number first if you want to see if she's interested in you( numbers mean nothing sometimes but that's a start). Calibration should be easy, just don't do it where she works.... Then she might be in work mode but text her when she's home or talk to her outside her work so she won't technically be a hired fun and you can see her true colors
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