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    Default Persistence? or fresh start?

    hey whatsup guys gotta dilemma here.

    I've been txting and hb8 for the past month or so. well more like she was gaming me, texting me snapchatting me etc all the time. she Just broke up with her bf. Anyway our convos were going really good, she was all over me and super flirty etc, wanting to hang out all the time. we met up at a club n hooked up but i didnt take her home. Shit was going WELL

    -side note, she loves attention and i know many other dudes that text her. so theres competition

    -she used to say im hot etc.. so there is/was for sure attraction form her too.

    -she just got out of a LONG relationship so i understand shes probably looking to play the field for a bit

    she always suggested to chill/do stuff but we never made any plans.
    so i invited her out last week.but she had already made other plans (pretty sure with another dude.

    And so i decided to try a freeze out cuz our interactions were getting different/duller and there wasnt as much flirting from her. i also saw that i was starting to get one-itis and was turning into a needy puss.

    its been a week of basically no contact now. No initiation via fbook posts from her, txts, etc anymore. nothing. If it goes on too long should i

    -just leave it, and wait for another opportunity in the future to rebuild attraction/ get back my original high value.

    -or should i persist and continue a little bit of contact every now and then to keep a presence. (feels pretty low value of me tho)

    -or just forget her and find another

    "ps leaning towards wanting LTR at this point.

    SO the question is: Persistence? or fresh start? or any other advice

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    Default Re: Persistence? or fresh start?

    The important thing here is not going to be convincing her that your worthy of dating, but convincing yourself that she isn't. Oneitis is a b**** and your game goes to sh1t. The second your feeling it yourself, your actions are displaying that. Your going to have to work yourself mentally back into the state you were before you started snagging feelings for her. That may mean going out to pick up other girls, or trying to imagine all the things you don't like about her. Any which way, you have to cognitively knock her down a level or two. When you stop giving a crap about her, you can start gaming her like you have in the past.

    For now, I'd say stay away from it. If your comprised, and she doesn't feel the same way, your going to come across low value. I know your brain just does circles on what to do, and the biggest problem seems to be that you want to try your damnedest to bring her back in but you know that if you try your going to appear needy and lose anyway.

    Fark the girl for right now, concern yourself with shaking any oneitis. If she just got out of a long relationship, you'll have plenty of time to get back in there, you just have to re-group first.

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