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    Default She implies she's available, but doesn't follow through?

    I got this girl's number last Saturday and text her late Sunday.
    Convo is going well, so I try to transition into a meeting for coffee or lunch on Monday.

    Girl doesn't get back to me until late afternoon Monday, saying I "might just see her around" on Tuesday. I get back to texting her a little over an hour later (busy cause of work) with a time and a place for Tuesday. No reply.

    Radio silence until afternoon today - She texts saying she's available tonight. I reply a few hours later (again cause of work) asking if x time and y place work. Nothing.

    What's going on here? Did I wait too long to reply? Was I too pushy? Should I have framed the kind of date instead of just asking if a public place and a time worked? Obviously I'm showing way too much outcome dependency right now, but never mind that. I'm just trying to figure out what I need to do less of and what I need to do more of so that I don't run into these kinds of situations again.

    Also, pretty much given up on this set, but if I were to do anything else with it what would you recommend? She's out of town in four days.

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    Default Re: She implies she's available, but doesn't follow through?

    because girls don't think logically. They just follow whatever emotion they are feeling in the moment. when she said she wants to hang out with you, she really felt like it. but then later, she doesn't feel that mood again. Women have no credibility. they dont follow through on what they say.

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