For the past 3 months Iíve been experimenting with some deep inergame, after meditation , breath control, Buddhism study, vegetarian diet, not eating, doing nothing for 3 days, going thru physical changes and pain I think I am on to a solid lead, sets have gotten significantly better and I feel that me and the girl have a deep connexion. What I have seen is that everybody is pulling and tugging on this state, like they are trying to bring me back, they donít like the new me especially parents and sister. The latest encounter that really knocked me down happened on a dating site, there was a pictures with a women looking at a cat and she was holding it with the upper palm the cats chest and the she was kind of whispering to it, the cat looked distress and was looking at the camera. If felt like a punch in the lower abdominal region, from then on its been very hard to get in the same state and its farking up my game, I tried to figure out intellectually why and the only idea I got was that it's some king of exploit on empathy.