Hey guys, another thing that just came into my mind, I'm curious what's your opinion about it.

Back in the days years ago, when I was with my first GF, I was a total AFC. There was a guy who tried to pick up my GF - and I wasn't able to do anything about it. Mostly, I just argued with my GF why she talked to him, we had big fights, I'm pretty sure it was one of the many reasons why we broke up. One of my most humiliating thing in my life: once, I went to him and told him to left my GF alone, because I need her and he looked much better than me... of course it's not true, but OMG, I feel ashamed just thinking back to it and typing it - but forget it, it happened like 5-6 years ago.

So, the question: how to handle dickheads (obstacles?) like this right now? I mean I broke up (many times actually) with that GF from the past, and it's an old story, but I'm going to visit an event at my hometown at New Year's Eve and there's a chance I'll meet that guy, and maybe, my ex-GF, too. So, what is the best behaviour in situations like this? Just be an Alpha, who doesn't care either the ex or the guy?
For example, would you guys try to start a conversation with the ex? Or acting the tough guy in front of the dickhead? Because honestly, I'm not planning to do either of that.