Hi Guys, wondering if any of you have come across this... this isn't the first time this has happened to me so I'm taking it that it's something I'm doing that I need to stop so wondering if you guys have dealt with this.

Okay so that girl I was texting and utterly blew it with by going total AFC kept in touch for a while, but it was different... withdrawn etc so I just played it like I wasn't that bothered... told her a genuine reason as to why I had to cancel our date on Sunday and she flipped... asking me why I'm cutting her loose and getting angry about it.

I explained I wasn't (total afc move no doubt) that it was genuine and that I would rearrange after Xmas.... I got a snotty message back about making excuses and that was that... no reply to me trying to find out what was going on... I left it at that but am so confused, like it was a deliberate ploy to cut me out....

I say that cause its happened before, maybe not as colourful but the process is the same... they flake, they go quiet, I try to keep the conversation flowing, they go distant, I ease off, they complain, I explain, they vanish... I've maybe answered my own question but what's the deal, how should I handle this in future?