I was at the courthouse the other day filing my address. I'm on parole for a DWI charge and one of the conditions of my parole is that I have to notify the court of any change in my address. The girl who took and processed my paperwork was a solid HB9 and probably the closest to a dime that I have ever seen. I'd like to approach and open her but in this case I am drawing a blank as to how to go about it. I know the circumstances aren't ideal because I'm on parole and I have to have an ignition interlock on my car (to blow into to check my blood alcohol level before my car will start) but I'm thinking my address being in an upscale condo and my car being a sports car could possibly be a DHV, along with the fact that I was in prison/a lawbreaker which gives me a bad boy image. Like I said, I know things aren't ideal but you miss 100% of the shots you never take so I want to at least take the shot. If anyone has any ideas as to how I could go about this I would greatly appreicate it. Thanks!