I waited till today to text her back and I think it was a good choice. I said we should go ice skating but didn't set an actual date because it'll still be two weeks until I'm back. She said maybe so that's aight I guess and then I told her to add me on fb, it's been a few hours and she hasn't yet so whatever


Me: Hey you, I have a great idea
Her: Hey what is it aha ?
Me: Depends, are you decent at ice skating
Her: Aha no!!!
Her: I'm so bad at it
Me: Perfect I'm awful too lol I'm going skating at ***** in a couple weeks and you should join me
Her: Ya maybe
Me: Cool add me on fb (my fb link)

I'm just gonna text her again when I'm back since she doesn't seem to be into texting much which is good for me because I hate it lol what do you guys think