Hello I would like this post to first of all thank you for getting me just that much closer to having the success I want with women. Since joining the site I: lost my virginity, learned to read females signals a little better, learned to not get as discouraged about the friendzone and there is many ways out, learned to communicate with women better and learned I have serious confidence issues that I shouldn't have but have not yet dealt with.

Any ways recently I have had difficulties getting the women I really want and have found myself only going after women I know already are interested in me or will be easy to score... I think I fear rejection since I am still in highschool and many of the social circles of different highschools are connected creating a giant social web if you will so I fear becoming the laughing stock of it. So with the new year I am just going to start it off with asking just that I am going to be attending a house party for new years and with any high school house party especially new years there will be excessive alcohol consumption, including myself. So I am looking to have a good time only problem (or bonus depending on how you look at it) is basically every girl attending is a HB8- HB10 and 8 normally settle for like 7s scoring an 8 once... Another obstacle is I am going to know every girl attending so basically I am either in the friendzone or they have a dislike in me...

So my question is how am I to reverse the damage I have done and create attraction with these girls, recognize this attraction and then separate them from the rest of the party to hook up with them?!

also what is something I could do to help bring my confidence up?

Thanks again for everything you guys have given to me and I hope to one day be talented enough to give back to this community myself! Thanks