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    Default Sustaining relationships with women

    I am from an African Country. Here the circumstances are rather different. Picking up girls and starting relationships is fairly easy, and you don't really need to be highly skillful. All you need is just to approach the girls and express your interest.

    However, the main issue comes when someone becomes your girlfriend. You are expected to meet their day to day needs (food, house rentals, bills, maintaining their car etc). When going out for dates, all the expenditure would be borne by the man. In short, sustaining friendship with a lady here in our country is very costly. It means you double your expenditure in everything.

    Failure to meet the lady's needs is taken to be a sign that you are uncaring, and you'd be ditched for someone with money.

    Any suggestions on how I'd convince the ladies to stay with me despite not meeting their needs?

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    Default Re: Sustaining relationships with women

    Different cultures will have different customs and views on how people socialize and how relationships operate. Thus, I would not find it hard to believe that a majority of a certain country could act in this manner.

    The only thing you really can do is maximize your social value. If you present yourself as a man of high caliber, and you can keep her drawn as emotionally and socially as possible to you, then it does not matter if you financially support her or not.

    It would also be a good idea to keep control in the relationship. Define what will and will not happen, and do not give in to any of her financial demands.
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