Hey I have been away experimenting and implementing new stratgies and making huge realizations and observations.I come here and i noticed the forums have changed.People are becoming more better and there has been this common knowlegde as in many people still seem to be embracing thier one tits.

Recently my one itis put a ring on her finger to take a photo which shocked me to bits.i almost asked her what is was but then i let go. Some few days into a deep conversation she was taking all the exchanges and frame i had been doing with her and putting them unto me.she has become really good as in reframing in that sense, not that she not best of course i loved her.

She used phrases like am going marry you and ..we'll go and do that and frankly deep inside i was wondering whether i had built too much comfort .. etc.

I proceed to ask her with confidence that "marry seriously.."(didn't want it to look like i was asking a question) and she said well yes i should come and do that.with a serious tone.From there i basically took over by changing the overall tone but a diffrent topic.Something went down.Began questioning my bouts and what i really do..(psst she knows)..

I talked for a while and asked her to become my wife.This was a few seconds silence and she said ok am your girlfriend then..
I stated "wife you are.."
She said.. "ok".

We talked for a bit and we had to go..I was just emotionally high.
I had a few of her friends call me asking how i am how i don't keep in touch etc...In a nutshell she bought my frame.

It all hit me when someone from my group told me to check messenger which even though hes a great guy who prefers to pay for w.. i didn't think i was best practice..even though we had shared ideas and he was an overall smart guy sort of.some time into the week it was messenger time for her so i get on and next to her photo she has faith makes all thing wonderful but love is everything.. with an emocon of a man and woman in wedding..

I had to reverse it and stick to my frame of the ultimate goal of exploring more.She is still in my life and everything is good.Will write up on that later.Will give the exact word.

What ever question you have never hold back be uncensored as usual.Whilst you practice on your journey never be wandering about what experience someone else might have already had.That why the forum is here.I have also add ed a few options who will just be my friends.That doesn't mean one girl can't be special if she is in my life.