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    Default Feeling like a chump. Need avice!!

    So I had a side chick and I caught feelings for her...not enough to make her my main chick. But enough that I am writing about her on a forum. After we "split" we didn't talk for a while. Then we talked and got close again, but then she pulled away. Even though all contact was initiated by her, she did this yoyo shit twice before I started ignoring her, that shit annoyed me, but beside ignoring her I never let on that it bugged me.

    Then she would try to get me jealous by talking about guys and shit, I just laughed it off, I don't care about other guys, cause I know she still has feeling for me, her friend told me. Then 2 weeks week she texted me that she had a dream about me and wanted to know how I was. I replied, "guess that makes me the man of your dreams huh, lol...I'm great how are you kid?"...she never repliedit. Then te texted me on Christmas, "merry christmas my love, hope your havering a wonderful day" so I replied later "hey you Merry Christmas" she said "thanks" and I then I sent her a funny picture of a scarface Christmas meme. And that was it. I'm not really gonna read much into that, after all it was Christmas, but it keeps farking with my head. I know I shouldn't let it but like I said I kinda caught feelings for this girl And obsiously my feeling for her are clouding my game.

    Any way, suggestions or thought on this particular situation are welcomed. Thanks bros

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    Default Re: Feeling like a chump. Need avice!!

    Lmao side Chick and main chick. Anyways you need to decide what you want from net. She obviously likes you but it sounds like she's trying to play hard to figure out what you want from this girl and then you can start from there.
    You lose some you win some, learn from your mistakes and get better!

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