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    Default College Game. Am i Too old?

    Im 25 years old, a month away from hitting 26, and a semester away from graduating college. Im part of a college fraternity that has a good solid reputation in campus and the girls love us. however, most of my frat brothers are young, and a good chunk of them arent even old enough to drink, and im one of the older guys in the crew. this is where things get sticky. Ive been in a LTR for almost 5 years on & off, and now that that particula relationship has ended, i came to realize one thing, I HAVE NO GAME, Im so shy to approach women and spark a convo. another factor that aggravates my case is the fact that most of these chicks are young & dumb ass fuck, like drinking, smoking weed partying.I had some luck with women, but i seem to attract the wrong type of chick. I dont judge people on what they do, but I pride myself on the fact that ive never done drugs and rarely ever drink, my passion is working out, yes i am old school and i would love meeting a chick that have the same Latin core values.
    I need a pointer here, gentlemn, obiously im doing something wrong[
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    Default Re: College Game. Am i Too old?

    Excuse me but I seem to missed the part where you actually did something about the situation.

    You said you have no game and you don't approach women at all, so how can you know that all college chicks are dumb and drunk b1tches?

    I'm in college, I've met my gf at a party and she's not the party type at all, which I realized by getting to know her. Most people in college drink at parties just to belong in that social circle or to empty their heads. You can't make harsh conclusions just because they did some shots and had fun that night.

    Your age is perfectly normal for college, in fact, some chicks especially love to hook up with older dudes since they have this thing for maturity.

    You don't have to drink or do drugs to belong or have fun at parties. I rarely drink when I do pick up at parties. Everything is more fun and insightful when you do pick up with a clear head.

    No one is gonna judge you if you don't drink and you don't need to find an excuse either. If you really need an excuse, just say you took some pills related to your workout earlier that day. If that too doesn't work, take a glass of beer and take a few sips throughout the night. Nobody will ever notice that you drank only 1 glass.
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    Default Re: College Game. Am i Too old?

    This video is a MUST watch for you. It gives you tips to help you approach females, make eye contact and to use body language (facial expressions). Watch, learn and PRACTICE what he tells you. Your game will improve immensely. He is an excellent and entertaining speaker.

    Make sure you start applying it in the field asap.

    Nick Sparks | How to Approach Anyone | Full Length HD - YouTube

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