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    Default Lol, 4 Years of History With This Chick, But I Just Want A FB Relationship

    Hey colleagues, Banko here. Recently I've been in a tricky situation and I need input in order to figure out if I'm wasting time. I just started contact with a Ex-Fling of mine from 4 years ago.

    We have alot of history (she's deleted me from Facebook like 4 times but were friends again, our relationship has went from intense hate and back to random hookups time and time again). I actually was kinda dating her friend and one night unexpectadly we hooked up and had sex. Douchebag I know. But see had a boyfriend at the time, so its not just me. Since then I've already farked her many times while the fling was fresh. I was a drunk asshole one night and that led to me being deleted on FB the first time but we would still see each other and have a little fun all the while with her having a boyfriend. She wanted to date me but why would i date someone as crappy a person and unstable (which I will explain) as her?

    After a year or so she ended up getting a new bf who I actually knew and I was aquatinted with me andhe started "our feud". I never had a problem with him but around some point (when I got deleted for the 3rd time on FB) she broke up with him like last month. Cut to last week, me her at a bar. We catch up, exchange numbers and befriend each other again. Go to bar with her friends, I'm still getting numbers which she is aware of so its cool.

    Nothing happens, hang out the night after and I learn that she now has severe trust issues and wont even get her to kiss me. And I also learn that she doenst trust me because im a d1ck and I was a jerk in the past. Next night, we make out but I had to take her home because she got too wasted and wanted to cuddle. Mind you I was hella drunk but i can really drink lol. As were kissing i get to pulling off her leggings until she throws up. Ugh...I clean her up and blah. And put her to bed and she rudely tells me to leave and I left pissed off and got some Taco bell.

    After her apologizing she, we hang out at her place and watch a movie. Nothing happens but when I leave i ask her if she trusts me. She replies, idk. And texts me she needs more time.

    Finally last night she goes with me to a party, see some random drunk girl and guy arguing and makes a scene trying to "save" the girl. And causes a scene, drunk people is common where we are because we live in a college area known for partying. Afterwards she became a total bitch all night arguing at me because I didnt want her getting in other peoples business. I end up taking her home and she still rather argue then go have fun. Inside she fusses and I'm just trying to change the topic and make some moves. To which tells me to stop, and she wants to be friends. So I question her why does she like hangin out with me till like 3am or so. She just replies she just likes hanging out with me. I bring up something about her recent break up and cries and makes me sleep on the couch...

    Now for the reason why I'm about done with her. She is a total bitch, my friends hate her. Male and Female, she is known for causing drama. She is one of the most emotional girls ever, she cries like everytime Im around over stupid stuff. And she is generally crazy, honestly the reason I guess I put up with her is because Im still attracted to her....dat body though lol.

    What I wanna indentify is, what are we doing justing hangin out? Is she building a wall? I know she got out of a almost 3 yr relationship.Why can we just have sex lol? Is see trying to slowly turn me into a BF? Does she really wanna be friends, which I doubt because she wouldnt be texting me that she needs time. And am I just wasting my time? So many questions any help apprieciated.

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    Default Re: Lol, 4 Years of History With This Chick, But I Just Want A FB Relations

    Slow down on presenting the relationship frame let the relation develop.once you get the iois transition from there..

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