Hey, I'll explain the situation, I have a couple ideas how to proceed, but I wanted some advice from experts before I did.

So, I've been texting this HB6 for about the past 2 months

I didn't really make the effort to push a first meet, because she came over to my place occasionally regardless. *she is my female roommate's best friend* by the time Christmas was around the corner I knew she was pretty in to me. Which is when I started pushing for a first meet. Our schedules conflicted for a few weeks, finally my roommate called me relatively drunk while they we're all at HB6's New Years party at HB6's parent's house mind you, where HB6 lives. HB6 practically was making up excuses for me to come over.

Needless to say I ended up at the party, everyone loved me, I ended up drinking and we kissed a couple times. HB6 and friends invited me to hang with them a few nights later (we were all drinking). Later in the night when everyone was asleep I held her while we watched tv, we talked a bit more intimately, made out some (she did break off the make out session's most of the time, because I think less when I'm drinking), and we enjoyed a solid hour or two alone before she kicked me out, because she said her parents didn't want a straight guy sleeping over (her other guy friends were gay). She wanted to walk me to the car, we kissed some more and exchanged the we'll talk tomorrow.

Texted her a few times the following day, her texting was stiff, but I didn't think much of it, because I was busy and assumed she was hungover which she denied. When I asked my roommate about HB6 she just said something like oh we talked suggesting something had gone wrong, although my roommate didn't seem mad at me personally in the slightest. I texted HB6 a few days later and got a freeze out from her, no response. Also the night passed where they had invited me to hang out with them, nothing.

That's where I am at, I have my suspicions, but I honestly am not sure where I went wrong, so I would like your opinions before I proceed. Does this sound like a salvageable situation? Feel free to ask any questions for clarification.

Thank you!