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    Default Need help with a hard to read girl in my class

    So i have had this girl in my class last year. Cute Asian girl one year younger.
    She's one of the popular girls and with her group of friends (popular kids, jocks etc) she seems very friendly and talkative. I talked to her last year a couple times or so. Once it was all one word answers from her, the other I had a quick chat with her. On Facebook it was all one word answers so I decided to "give up"

    Here's the tricky part that I don't get. She has like 400 followers on Instagram and follows like 300. I'm following her, however she isn't following me back. With that being said, every time I post a picture she likes it after a day or two (after all the likes have stopped so I see the notification). Sooooo....?? I have started doing the same. Waiting a couple of days after she posts the picture and liking it after all the likes have stopped. Not sure if she's trying to play mind games or she just likes my pictures ahahah another thing is that one time I posted two pictures in one night, (one being a selfie type picture, other a picture of something random) and she only liked the picture of me...

    Most recent thing that happened, I was with my one friend from work and I showed him her Instagram (on his account) and he went on a picture of her and commented: "*tagged me* thinks you're cute. Talks about you all the time at work." I was like uh oh she's gonna say this is creepy and whatnot... However she comments back: "*tags my friend and me* thanks guys!" Good sign?

    Anyways, I have her in my class next semester (which is coming up) soon. I was at school last week to pick up my timetable and she was on lunch and was talking to some guy (a friend...a jock) and as I was walking out, from my peripheral view I saw that she was looking at me walking out. I decided not to look at her or say hi to not feed into her want for attention. Maybe a bad move on my part?

    So I'm 99% sure she will be in my class this upcoming semester. I need some tips as of what to do/say in order to get this girl. I want to date her, not a one night thing.

    Please let me know guys. I appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Need help with a hard to read girl in my class

    Write her a note.may present content here

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