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Thread: Hard to get and chasing girls.

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    Default Re: Hard to get and chasing girls.

    I've heard of him before back when I used to lurk the forums but never looked into him. Thank you so much, I'll have to look into him when I get some extra time on my hands.

    & it's extra funny because that example conversation Is nearly identical to the real life conversations I've had with these girls including the one I have one-itus over currently. Which is bad. Lol. One-itus is always bad but I'm trying to fight it.
    Only I would say, "no no, it's okay ill just find a girl who does want to hangout with me 100% because "maybes" are bull****" and then just carry on the conversation and flirt some more. Because "maybe's" in my mind are yes's but she doesn't want to sound over excited or interested.

    I honestly feel like girls do this just because I have a reputation as a player or because they know a guy gets alotta girls somehow subconsciously. Your thoughts?

    This is honestly awesome that he's like that.

    So I Should I run disqualifiers and then just act like I don't like care about them to try and get them to invest more? Sounds time consuming and like alotta head-games, especially if you actually care about them. Or should I ramp up the teasing/fun and kino and just be playful and care-free. Then, try to extend the interactions to insta-dates or to parties after I get outta work. Tell them they're coming with me tonight and there's nothing they can do about it to fight through the BS excuses.

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    Default Re: Hard to get and chasing girls.

    Hey, I'm guilty of having one-itis myself. Everyone gets em. For me, I am not the greatest multi-tasker. I put alot of focused passion into my work whether it's art, writing, women, etc. So it is difficult.

    One-itis is bad because it undercuts that whole "abundance" mentality and one can run the risk of falling into AFC mode if you don't keep your emotions in check. But there is always going to be that one girl that stands out from the rest. It's only human nature that once you feel yourself becoming more exclusive to one girl, the other girls will fade out. It happens to women too, especially. Once they start being exclusive to one guy, they stop returning texts to all their "orbiters."

    As for your question, if you do have a reputation as a player, then highly likely that is why they are playing you as well.

    Women are more empathetic than men and usually can sense confidence like how a shark sense blood. After they interact with you, they can tell whether you are a chump or 'good' at the game (especially girls who are constantly exposed to a club meat-market scene). Then comes the famous 'You wanna buy me a drink' sh1t test especially if you are a chump.

    Yes, these head-games do get tiring and the more women you have in your rotation, you are going to burn out quicker and will look harder for that serious relationship so you can just relax. That is why I am pretty much retired from 'throwing out a net' and have been very picky. So Mark Manson does have a point. More effort.

    Do what you feel comes natural to you and is your strength. Some guys thrive on flirting/teasing/coming up with witty lines, etc. Others who are "fast talkers" rely on more the alpha male confidence. So many different approaches. I like using both.

    It's going to be tough dealing with those women who already sees you as a player. You will have to use alot of push/pull, DQ's.

    For example, at the height of excitement during a conversation, (as hard as it is) you will have to be the first break conversation and walk away, which leaves her wanting more.

    Tiring. If you don't want to do that anymore, you might want to be honest with them and show vulnerability Mark Manson style. If they reject you for it, then according to Mark Manson, reframe that as an incompatibility. It's a good thing because you probably wouldn't want them either once you see their true colors.

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